My references
For over 20 years I have carried out or participated in numerous projects in a wide variety of technical and functional contexts.
Here is a list of my most significant projects:

Management Projects

STAR’TERRE: Sales management for an international car dealership. WinDev 12, Oracle 10g

Groupe CASINO: Scenario analyser, simulation of the impact of price changes on sales volumes and profit margins. WinDev 11 and 12

ELYFEC SPS: Website using Flash/Flex, designed to allow geographic positioning of construction sites on a map. Flex 3 / ActionScript / PHP 5 / MySQL / API GoogleMaps

BREVETTI: Setup and adaptation of the sales management module of AGM’s ERP component (ERPComposantâ„¢). WinDev 12 and 14 / HyperFile CS / ERPComposant

PEGAZE: Audit and optimisations on a mobile application for gas-fired boiler maintenance. WinDev Mobile 12

GAC TECHNOLOGY: Development of an application prototype for monitoring work progress from a mobile telephone. WinDev Mobile 10 / PHP 5 / MySQL

BK SYSTEMES: WMS (Warehouse Management System). Redefinition of the architecture, optimisations, audit. Supervision of 6 developers. WinDev 9 and 11 / WinDev Mobile 9 and 11 / SQL Server 2000 and 2005 / Oracle Database 10g Express / SQLManagerX.

BOSCUS: Integrated sales management system for the lumber industry. WinDev 5.5/ HyperFile

BOXXO: Development of ticketing software for the Place des Arts project, in Montréal. WinDev 7.5, WdScript, PostgreSQL.

CEGID: Development of modules for SISCO II accounting software. C language / UNIX / VMS

Saône et Loire Departmental Council: Print management. Stock, invoicing, payments, statistics. C language /DOS

CONTINENT: Tool for simulating cost of sales reps, optimising resources, generating rosters. WinDev 4.1

CONTRAMAX: Software and website for monitoring expenses in the residential construction sector. WinDev 5.5/ HyperFile / WdScript

GTI INDUSTRIE: PMIcs CAPM software (Computer-Aided Production Management). Optimisation of purchasing, document management, scheduling, stock. WinDev 2.1 / C language / Windows / Oracle.

GYMSEA TOP: Software for managing a fitness club. Billing, schedules, training programmes. WinDev 2.1

HEINEKEN: Cafe-hotel-restaurant sales management for field sales reps. Turbo Pascal / DOS / High Screen / HyperFile.

ISERBA: Management of maintenance contracts for gas-fired boilers: visit scheduling, invoicing, follow-up, calculations, statistics. DOS / C language

VEOLIA Environnement (John Meunier): Management of timesheet analysis, database of completed projects. WinDev 8.0 / HyperFile

LA POSTE: Debugging, optimisation of a software package for managing the user support line. WinDev 2.1/ HyperFile.

NOVERA: Sales management software for hair replacement. Online order tracking in real-time. WinDev 8 / WdScript

Industrial Projects

Carbone Industrie: Supervision and management of a test bed for Formula 1 carbon disc brakes. Creation of a multi-tasking kernel in assembler and C. C language / Assembler/ DOS / Microstar / SINEC L1.

BER Automates: Development and optimisation of an application to operate a video cassette dispenser. WinDev 5.5

BIOBIC: Supervision of a system for real-time control of wood pulp quality. Pascal / Unitelway / Applicom / DOS / High Screen.

SIEMENS VAI (CLECIM): Supervision of a blast furnace installed in China. C language / MODBUS.

COCA-COLA: Monitoring and supervision of the production of fizzy drink concentrate. C language / Windows / Btrieve / TIWAY.

EDF-GDF: Real-time control and supervision of an automated system for automatically reporting deformations in a hydroelectric dam gallery. Basic / DOS.

ENTREMONT: Consulting assignment for the implementation of an automated system for weighing tomes of gruyere cheese.

AREVA (FRAMATOME): Management and monitoring of a robot responsible for conducting penetrant testing on radioactive fuel assemblies in a nuclear power station. Basic industrial cross compilation.

INRETS (MINISTRY of TRANSPORT): Supervision and real-time adjustment of a catapult for vehicle crash tests. C language / Windows / Keithley bus

ASTRONEF (ST ETIENNE PLANETARIUM): Software program for creating scenarios for the shows; real-time control and monitoring. C language / Windows.

SOFRADEN: Design and development of a system for managing, supervising and optimising weighing lines and powder mixing lines. C language / WinDev 2.1/ Windows / Intouch / Jbus / Fipway.

Systems / Safety / Other

ACCENTURE (ANDERSEN CONSULTING): Participation in the development of the PRINT/DRAW Cobol generator (on PC) to manage the formatting of published materials on a mainframe computer. C language / Windows.

NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA: Management of the “Security and Cryptography” research and development team. Design and development of the secure exchange protocol used for online credit card payments. C language / RSA algorithms, Blowfish, MD5, SHA-1.

EGIS RAIL (SEMALY): Topography department calculation software. Management, scientific calculation, control of measurement-taking automaton. Basic / Pascal / C language / DOS.

WDSCRIPT: Creation and fine-tuning of the CGI engine, open-source distribution, running of the community of developers. WinDev.