Why engage the services of a freelancer?

• A high level of flexibility: I can be anywhere at any time as long as this is planned. In case of an emergency I can be available at a moment’s notice”¦

• No absenteeism: no work means no pay. I only invoice the time spent on the project.

• Strong motivation: satisfied clients will give me repeat business and recommend me to their partners.

• The right skills immediately on hand to remedy your problem: expertise when you need it, without the need to hire additional manpower that must be trained, managed and put to profitable use at the end of the project.

• A long experience of working on projects at a SET PRICE: for over 15 years, most of the projects I have worked on were billed at set prices. This represents a guarantee for clients, because the budget is set before the project even begins. It is also a guarantee for the service provider AND the client, since it requires them both to define and manage the project properly.

• Independent advice: I am not affiliated with any software publisher or manufacturer.